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I Love Stemware!

Specifically, I love vintage stemware, and of course Riedel… As it turns out, the Austrian’s know a thing or two about glass.

When it comes to vintage stemware though, I am in love with coupe glasses.  You know, the bowl-shaped glasses rumored  to be modeled after Marie Antoinette, however, they actually existed long before she was born…

They made a strong comeback in the 1960’s, and are often used today to make glorious champagne towers, like this one:

The moral of this story is – I need some ASAP!


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Sofia Reisling

The Sofia Reisling…. Aaahh… We finally tried it!

I had been eyeing the bottle for several weeks because of it’s unique design, and to be honest, that’s probably the only reason I bought it to begin with.  (Something I rarely do)

As it turns out, however, there are several reasons to love this wine.

1) It’s not an overpowering reisling… not too sweet like some, and it even paired well with fish.

2) It comes from Francis Ford Coppola’s winery, Rubicon Estate.

  •     The genius director of The Godfather purchased the Rubicon Estate, formerly Niebaum-Coppola Winery , a well-known producer in Napa Valley… and it’s actually one of the sites that Matt and I considered for our  wedding.  That was, before we learned of the, “Napa – no wedding ordinance.”

3) Coppola named the reisling after his daughter, Sofia Coppola, who is another of my favorite directors. (The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette)

4) The bottle of course,  is just adorable!

I didn’t realize most of these things until I took my first sip, looked at the bottle a little closer, and had a sort of gasping reaction. At the time, Matt was very focused on the computer, and I’m pretty sure I scared him enough that he jumped.

Oh well, the point is – you should try it if you get a chance.

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A Splash of Color

This is on my bucket list.

Andreas Murkudis’ store in Berlin features the same dress in 143 colors, equalling 21,000 color combinations depending on the amount of layers you choose to wear.

Granted, I would get tired of wearing the same cut all the time, but the concept is truly amazing.

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This weekend, we took my little silky terrier on a hike at the top of South Mountain, and let’s just say it was a big mistake. Poor little Tip Tip was covered in burrs and sticks, and when we got home, we had to pick them all out of his fur for about an hour and a half.  Not to mention, the wine that we brought on our picnic had terrible cork rot, and we had to take it back to the store.

Then on Sunday, I made a roasted chicken with baby carrots and turnips (Matt said it was the best chicken he had ever eaten!) and we decided to give Tip Tip a bone… Well, our puppy is SO smart he tried to swallow it whole! Matt had to yank it out of his throat as soon as we realized he was choking on it.  It was pretty scary.

I guess this means that 1) Tip Tip will not be going on anymore hikes and 2) he will not be getting any more bones.

Let’s just hope he makes it to his first birthday.

On another note however, I really want a dome chair.

I’m thinking maybe 2 for the loft? In fact, I’m not quite sure where I would put them, but I sure do enjoy them!

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