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Our 4th of July

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday! I like it more than Christmas, Thanksgiving and my birthday combined. The problem however, is that the weather is usually miserable this time of year.

So, when we realized that there was a pretty good chance of rain on the 4th, Matt and I decided to buy a new patio set and have a “picnic” at home.

We aren’t ready to commit to a patio collection yet, because we haven’t finished the back yard, but we thought a small set would make our outdoor space  much more useable for now,  so we headed to Target.

They are currently having a sale on patio furniture, and from what I can tell, the prices are even better in the store than they are online.

Here is the set that we chose:

We were very impressed with the quality, and it matches the Pottery Barn Hampstead Teak Collection nicely, so we plan to add more pieces when we finish the landscaping in the back yard. (More on that later.)

We also stopped by home depot and picked up this fun friend.

What is that you ask?… A bug zapper? A light? A bird feeder?

No. It’s an outdoor wireless speaker… and boy does it have good sound!

If you’re interested – the company that makes it is called Acoustic Research and the main selling point for us was that we can hook it up to our Sonos system and control everything from our ipads… Lol we could even have a war between the ipads if we disagreed on a song. 🙂

To complete our evening, we selected the 2008 Federalist Dry Creek Zinfandel and Matt made a motion using Roberts Rules of Order (of course!) to adopt it as the official 4th of July wine of the Wharton household. Umm… yes… We are MAJOR nerds. Don’t judge.


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