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I am in Santa Fe frequently for business, but I have not had the opportunity to visit any tourist sites until yesterday. The legislative session is “full of hurry up and wait”, so during one of those “wait” times, we were able to visit a couple of beautiful historic churches within walking distance from the capitol.

Our first stop was the San Miguel Mission. Built in the 1600’s, it is the oldest church still in use in the United States. The ceilings were absolutely beautiful and you could just feel the history from the second you walk in. I don’t pretend to be a great photographer, but here are some of my favorite snap shots.

San Miguel1

San Miguel2

San Miguel 7

San Miguel 8

San Miguel ceiling


San Miguel6

San miguel7

San Miguel9

San Miguel10

San miguel11

Our second stop was the Loretto Chapel, home of The Miraculous Staircase. As construction of the chapel was nearing completion, the nuns realized that they had no way to get to the choir loft. Then one day, an unknown man showed up on a donkey and carved them a spiral staircase out of ONE solid piece of wood with no center supports, nails or glue. (It also had no railings until much later.) Once the job was completed, he left without a trace. It is also considered a miracle that no one ever fell off of the staircase, even without railings.

The church was used as a girls school until 1968, but now serves only as a tourist attraction.

Church 2

Church 3


Fun as it was, we had to get back to work. The House was reconvening.

I did want to share however, my favorite piece of art in the NM capitol. It’s a buffalo head made of scrap materials. It’s mostly newspaper, brooms and even the eyes are old plastic spoons. The artist is Holly Hughes.

buffalo head

Lastly, if you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend El Meson for tapas!



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Just a compilation of things that inspire me lately, and hopefully some eye candy for you.

Kelly Green:

Hague Blue:

Large floral prints:

Fig tarts… and other creative things with figs:

Watercolor-style paintings:

Lotus lights:

… and lucite handles:

What inspires you lately?

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A Picture Project

A few months ago, I picked up these beauties at My Sister’s Attic for $10.00, and since then, they have moved from place to place around our house, but never found a permanent location.

 Every once in a while,  I would set them on a table, dresser, desk etc., and try to convince myself that I had found the perfect place for them… There was always something that stopped me from putting them on the wall though, and it wasn’t until I painted an accent wall in the guest bedroom last weekend, that I decided the color was the problem.

Although the green background and aged patina were part of why I purchased them in the first place, it just wasn’t working with our house. So, I decided to give them a makeover… and I told myself that if something went wrong, I’ve only wasted $10, right?

Here they are in progress.

(I used leftover Behr paint from the accent wall as well as gold leaf paint for the frame.)

… and Matt was kind enough to hang them on the wall for me! (You really don’t want to trust me with a level.)

Here is a view of the whole wall. Yes, this room needs baseboards as well…

The dresser in the picture needs a new home by the way. If you’re interested, just let me know! It’s never been used, but we’re trading it for something to match this nightstand.

So, what do you think? Did I do something unmentionable by altering an antique?

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Sarah Ashley Longshore

Sarah Ashley Longshore, a very talented artist, has created a unique series of paintings which combine the beauty and originality of Hermes scarves with my favorite actress of all time, Audrey Hepburn.

I must admit that when I first heard the idea, I thought  it could potentially go very badly, and only the most talented and audacious of artists should even dare attempt the meshing of these two things. However, I believe the work speaks for itself and Longshore deserves a lot of credit.

Check out her website. There’s a lot more where these came from.

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On Friday, I received a copy of the Wisteria catalog in the mail, and while browsing through, this painting caught my eye.

I’ve been looking for something rather plain but colorful to add to the guest room. Upon further investigation however, something about the texture of the painting bothered me. It just didn’t have the “flow” that I wanted.

So, for much less than I would have paid online, I made one!



Overall, I am much happier with the result, and I had fun as well. (By the way, please ignore the hideous tile. It will be gone soon!)

Now, we just have to wait a few weeks for it to dry (ugh!) and we can hang it up. What do you think of the result?

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