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It’s been a while…. About 9 months it seems.

We took a break from the house. Admittedly, we were dragging our feet. After about 2.5 years in a state of constant construction, we decided we needed a break, and we chose to just live with what we had for a while… i.e. concrete floors, no baseboards, no doors etc. It was crazy to say the least, but we just wanted some semblance of of a normal life and routine for a while.

After the busiest part of this session passed, we came to our senses and decided to just buck up. lol… Now, things are moving at a rapid pace with the goal of having a finished house in July! Just in time for Matt’s birthday! ūüôā

While we’re very excited about the prospect of new floors, doors, and everything in between, we do plan to put the house on the market as soon as it’s finished, and that’s bitter sweet to say the least.

Anyway, now you’re up to date and you can expect to see lot’s of pictures of the progress.

After several visits from contractors, we were told that my idea for a front door with side lights and a transom could not be done without serious structural modifications, so we opted to replace the existing door with something that was the same size. It has not been painted yet, and the hardware isn’t on, but here’s a sneak peak!

Entry Door

Front Door

We’ve also been working on the flooring, which meant that I had to empty out the hallway closet. If you need any holiday/entertaining items, I appear to have a one-stop-shop! lol

Closet Stuff

More to come! The only downside is that the mess seems like it will continue to get worse before it gets better.


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If you’ve been reading for a while, you will¬†probably¬† remember this chair which was purchased for the master bedroom a few months ago.

Well, it¬†did go in the master bedroom for a while, but it never felt quite right there, so we’ve moved it downstairs next to the fireplace.¬†

… and we replaced it with this find from the Brass Armadillo.


Here’s the new chair in the room.

I think it goes with the bed frame quite nicely!

(By the way, you can expect a new bedding post shortly. The current mish-mash is mostly the result of poor planning and an over use of bleach.)

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Last fall, I purchased a set of glass drop sconces with burlap shades to match the rest of our lighting from Pottery Barn.

The sconces matched our Celeste and Audrina chandeliers as well as the Francis sconce¬†in our hallway… and I have plans to get the Hundi lantern for our entry way as soon as our front door has been replaced.

I can’t find the sconces on the Pottery Barn website anymore, but here is a picture of what they looked like in our room.¬†

Please ignore my poor bed making skills. It was done in a hurry, and I probably should have at least centered the pillows for the picture. ūüôā

As you can see, the sconces were made to plug-in, and were not designed to be hard-wired, which was a source of constant frustration for me. I attempted to hide the tacky looking wires with these burlap covers.  (Also from Pottery Barn.)

The problem however, was that the chord covers kept slipping and they were impossible to keep straight.

So, I talked to my dad about the possibility of hard-wiring the sconces and hooking them up to the switch. He told me that he thought he could to it, and this was probably the ideal time because the bathroom on the other side of the wall is already still gutted. (See here.)

On Saturday, we made a trip to purchase the necessary materials and¬†then got straight to work! The project took a few hours, and we did run into a few bumps along the way…¬†In the end, we wound up tearing out¬†two more walls in the guest bathroom in order to find a place to feed the wire, but when it came to the electrical work, we didn’t have any hiccups. Thank¬†God!¬†

Now we are able to turn on the sconces with the flip of one switch, and I am much happier with the way they look as well.

Now, I suppose it’s time to start considering some artwork for above the bed. I’m thinking about this piece from Restoration Hardware. What do you think?

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Just a compilation of things that inspire me lately, and hopefully some eye candy for you.

Kelly Green:

Hague Blue:

Large floral prints:

Fig tarts… and other creative things with figs:

Watercolor-style paintings:

Lotus lights:

… and lucite handles:

What inspires you lately?

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A Picture Project

A few months ago, I picked up these beauties at My Sister’s Attic for $10.00, and since then, they have¬†moved from place to place around our house, but never found a permanent location.

¬†Every once in a while, ¬†I would set them on a table, dresser, desk etc., and try to¬†convince myself¬†that I had found the perfect place for them… There was always something that stopped me from putting them on the wall though, and it wasn’t until I painted an accent wall in the guest bedroom last weekend, that I decided the color was the problem.

Although the green background and aged patina were part of why I purchased them in the first place, it just wasn’t working with our house. So, I decided to give them a makeover… and¬†I told myself that if something went wrong, I’ve only wasted $10,¬†right?

Here they are in progress.

(I used leftover Behr paint from the accent wall as well as gold leaf paint for the frame.)

… and Matt was kind enough to hang them on the wall for me! (You really don’t want to trust me with a level.)

Here is a view of the whole wall. Yes, this room needs baseboards as well…

The dresser in the picture needs a new home by the way. If you’re interested, just let me know! It’s never been used, but we’re trading it for something to match this nightstand.

So, what do you think? Did I do something unmentionable by altering an antique?

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Fall is by far our FAVORITE season at the Wharton house!

The weather is¬†finally starting to cool down. (As in, the high for Friday is only 97 degrees…) My birthday is in fall, there’s Haloween, Christmas preparations, and of course Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is Matt’s favorite holiday. (Just ask him about the year he ate 5 Thanksgiving dinners in one day… Seriously.) My favorite thing about Fall though, is the fact that you get to enjoy everything about the holiday season without the chaos of Christmas. There are plenty of family gatherings, and everyone seems to be in a¬†better mood. There’s an air of anticipation and usually relief due to the weather change, and the colors are just beautiful!

Last year we did some minimal decorating for Haloween/ Thanksgiving, but we were really more focused on moving in and getting settled at the time. This year however, we decided to do a little bit more. We even started this weekend with some spider webs, candles, orange lights, and a wreath.

 We found a double bookcase to replace the old ikea shelf near the loft. This one is larger, and definetly fits the space better.

If you don’t remember what the old one looked like, here it is:

I also hung the new burlap drapes in the office!

Note: I realize that just about every room I have showed you has had chair rail. I promise you, we are not obsessed. None of the larger rooms or hallways have chair rail, and what you see is what you get…¬†we¬†won’t be installing any more.

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The past couple of weeks have been very¬†busy for us… About two weeks ago, Matt and I¬†helped move my grandmother into an assisted living facility, and since then, I have been¬†working with my parents¬†renovate her old house… painting, cleaning, finding a place for the things she decided not to¬†take with her.

It is definitely¬†work in progress, so needless to say, there haven’t been many projects at my house. I was, however, very lucky to acquire a beautiful antique piece in the process of the move.

This buffet has been in my family for several generations. I’m not sure of the exact history, but I know that it started on my father’s side, and was then passed to his mother. Later, it was given to my parents, and then to my Mother’s mom (the one who just moved)… and now it’s mine.

As a child, I remember storing all of my coloring supplies in the cupboards. There were also pens, scissors and other office supplies in the drawers. I know I wasn’t very gentle with it, and I probably¬†created many of the nicks and scratches which caused it to look like this:

Needless to say, the buffet had seen it’s better days… but, with the help of Howard’s – restore a finish¬†(the best product I have found for antiques), some gel stain, wipe on poly, AND polyurethane, it’s looking better than it ever has in my lifetime!

In other news… I also found this great Belgian linen chair for the master bedroom. Yay! We now have a reading nook! (and somewhere to sit other than the bed)

Oh, and I couldn’t go without mentioning the recent marriage of Sofia Coppola. The Italian wedding of my dreams… Swoon!

(I do have to agree with Nicole on the dress though.)

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