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Just a compilation of things that inspire me lately, and hopefully some eye candy for you.

Kelly Green:

Hague Blue:

Large floral prints:

Fig tarts… and other creative things with figs:

Watercolor-style paintings:

Lotus lights:

… and lucite handles:

What inspires you lately?


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The past couple of weeks have been very busy for us… About two weeks ago, Matt and I helped move my grandmother into an assisted living facility, and since then, I have been working with my parents renovate her old house… painting, cleaning, finding a place for the things she decided not to take with her.

It is definitely work in progress, so needless to say, there haven’t been many projects at my house. I was, however, very lucky to acquire a beautiful antique piece in the process of the move.

This buffet has been in my family for several generations. I’m not sure of the exact history, but I know that it started on my father’s side, and was then passed to his mother. Later, it was given to my parents, and then to my Mother’s mom (the one who just moved)… and now it’s mine.

As a child, I remember storing all of my coloring supplies in the cupboards. There were also pens, scissors and other office supplies in the drawers. I know I wasn’t very gentle with it, and I probably created many of the nicks and scratches which caused it to look like this:

Needless to say, the buffet had seen it’s better days… but, with the help of Howard’s – restore a finish (the best product I have found for antiques), some gel stain, wipe on poly, AND polyurethane, it’s looking better than it ever has in my lifetime!

In other news… I also found this great Belgian linen chair for the master bedroom. Yay! We now have a reading nook! (and somewhere to sit other than the bed)

Oh, and I couldn’t go without mentioning the recent marriage of Sofia Coppola. The Italian wedding of my dreams… Swoon!

(I do have to agree with Nicole on the dress though.)

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By now, you are aware of my love for all things Coppola… Sofia Coppola that is.

She has a new movie out by the way. It’s called Somewhere, and it is being shipped to me via Netflix as we speak… review to follow. Stay tuned.

The exciting news however, is that she has teamed with Louis Vuitton to create a set of clutches and top handle bags! Here are my two favorites:

I think they are elegant, versatile, and understated… just how I like my bags. Oh, and I think these sunglasses would go very well with them. (Also LV)

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Just ordered…

Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want to Have Fun Nail Lacquer

Horchow Purple Hydrangea Arrangement

… and another set of our Wallace 45-Piece “Napoleon Bee” Flatware Service, because I would never want to run out at a dinner party!

I just love shopping days! Even if they are online.

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How can it be???

Theurel & Thomas is a beautiful little french macaron shop in Mexico!  They opened in 2009 in San Pedro, to be exact. 

Of course, this only means one thing… San Pedro is now on my vacation list! I figure a city with a store like this must have more to offer.

Oh, and I’ve also decided to try to make my own macarons! Stay tuned for updates.

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A Splash of Color

This is on my bucket list.

Andreas Murkudis’ store in Berlin features the same dress in 143 colors, equalling 21,000 color combinations depending on the amount of layers you choose to wear.

Granted, I would get tired of wearing the same cut all the time, but the concept is truly amazing.

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I have a blog!

I’ll admit, I tend to think that blogs are rather selfish, because just like I’m sure you don’t care what I’m tweeting about every second of the day, (exactly why I don’t twitter) I seriously doubt that you care about all of the other thoughts that are going through my head. Just the same, I’ve decided to share with you the things that really inspire me.

So, let me begin by saying, I LOVE MY GOOGLE READER!!! If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should! I have a list of several blogs which automatically update every day, many of which I compiled while planning my wedding, and I doubt I’ll ever take them off.

However, the one post that inspired me most today was Kate Spade’s new ad campaign… I’m pretty sure I need everything from this shoot! Yes, even the helmet the little boy is wearing.

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