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If you’ve been reading for a while, you will probably  remember this chair which was purchased for the master bedroom a few months ago.

Well, it did go in the master bedroom for a while, but it never felt quite right there, so we’ve moved it downstairs next to the fireplace. 

… and we replaced it with this find from the Brass Armadillo.


Here’s the new chair in the room.

I think it goes with the bed frame quite nicely!

(By the way, you can expect a new bedding post shortly. The current mish-mash is mostly the result of poor planning and an over use of bleach.)


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Fall is by far our FAVORITE season at the Wharton house!

The weather is finally starting to cool down. (As in, the high for Friday is only 97 degrees…) My birthday is in fall, there’s Haloween, Christmas preparations, and of course Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is Matt’s favorite holiday. (Just ask him about the year he ate 5 Thanksgiving dinners in one day… Seriously.) My favorite thing about Fall though, is the fact that you get to enjoy everything about the holiday season without the chaos of Christmas. There are plenty of family gatherings, and everyone seems to be in a better mood. There’s an air of anticipation and usually relief due to the weather change, and the colors are just beautiful!

Last year we did some minimal decorating for Haloween/ Thanksgiving, but we were really more focused on moving in and getting settled at the time. This year however, we decided to do a little bit more. We even started this weekend with some spider webs, candles, orange lights, and a wreath.

 We found a double bookcase to replace the old ikea shelf near the loft. This one is larger, and definetly fits the space better.

If you don’t remember what the old one looked like, here it is:

I also hung the new burlap drapes in the office!

Note: I realize that just about every room I have showed you has had chair rail. I promise you, we are not obsessed. None of the larger rooms or hallways have chair rail, and what you see is what you get… we won’t be installing any more.

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