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I was recently inspired by my good friend, Beth and her post on pantry organization.

As you can see from the picture below, it was difficult to find just about anything in our pantry… especially spices. They were staked about 10 wide and 20 deep, and you had to lift each one to read the label if you were trying to find something.

Bags of bulk food were also a big issue…  So, I headed down to The Container Store in hopes of finding something to fix my problem, and I came home with the following items. (By the way, if you spend $100 in-store this month, you get a $15 gift card to use in June!)


Then I stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some craft supplies.

So I could do this:

Please ignore the burn mark on the counter under the cashews. Someone (hmhm)…. put a very hot pot there and the counter pretty much melted. Oh well, new countertops are on the list, so we won’t have to look at it for long.

Overall, I think the pantry looks much more organized now, and it’s certainly more functional. I still need a few more containers (Apparently we have a lot more food than I thought we did)… and I would like to find a solution for the cans, but overall I am happy with how it turned out.


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