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This weekend, Matt and I took a day trip to Jerome and Page Springs. Unfortunately, we left the camera in the car when we were walking around Jerome, but I do have some pictures of Page Springs Cellars to share with you!


We learned that rose bushes are planted at the ends of vine rows to signal potential problems such as fungus, pests etc. Roses will catch most diseases before the grape vines, so it’s a good way to find out if there is a problem before it becomes a serious threat to the crops.

Netting is placed over many of the vines to deter birds.

Page Springs does all of their bottling in the back of this semi-truck. Once the process is finished, the equipment is hauled away, making more room for other vineyard activities. You will also see a glimpse of Eric Glomski in this picture. He is the owner/ head wine maker at the vineyard, and was also featured in Blood Into Wine (a movie I would highly recommend if you are interested in the process of wine making.)

Can you believe we found lily pads in Arizona!

Also, here are the wines for the weekly wine post!

For Keeps:

CASTELLO BANFI Brunello di Montalcino 2004

Editor’s Note: Has fabulous aromas of blackberry, black cherry and raspberry. Full-bodied, with wonderfully integrated tannins, fresh mushrooms and milk chocolate. Chewy in the end. We will see if this is better than the 2001 with age. Best after 2010. 45,800 cases made.–JS

93 Points (WS)

BUEHLER Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Estate 2008

Editor’s Note: Firm, tight, dense and concentrated, with a mix of loamy earth, dried berry, sage, cedar, mineral and floral scents. Full-bodied, ending with chewy, rustic tannins. Best from 2012 through 2022. 1,800 cases made.–JL

91 Points (WS)

ELK COVE Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Mount Richmond 2008

Editor’s Note: Smooth and silky, delivering a root beer-like sassafras and anise character weaving through the blackberry, cherry and spice flavors with transparency and vibrancy. Picks up some cream and tobacco as the finish lingers. Best from 2012 through 2018. 894 cases made.–HS

94 Points (WS)

We drank:

Domaine Sercene – Pinot Noir – Willamette Valley – Yamhill Cuvee – 2006

My Review: Beautifully airomatic, extremely complex, with focused tannins, a hint of spice and a long finish. Hints of blueberry pie, cinnamon, and plum.

Kirkland Signature-  Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Cuvée de Nalys – 2009

Never in my life would I have ever purchased a Kirkland wine if it didn’t come highly recommended… It has a certain stigma for me. However, after reading a couple of reviews, I figured I couldn’t beat a Chateaunef-du-Pape for $20. We haven’t had much from this appellation, and I figured it would be a great way to get to know the varietals… and boy was I right!

My review: Silky, lengthy core with a medium length finish. Medium bodied with flavors of tea, spice, and black cherry. This one could be cellared for a few years.

Chateau Bonnet – Entre-Du-Mers – 2009

My review: Bright, zesty and crisp with lemon and herb notes. Mush less grassy than expected for a wine that was mostly Sauvignon Blanc. (This was our first White Bordeaux… and we will be coming back for more.)

Woop Woop – Shiraz – South Eastern Austrailia – 2009

My Review: Lighter bodied for a Shiraz, but still very fruit forward. Almond and vanilla flavors brought a lot of excitement, but were a bit of a let down in the finish.


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I feel as though my blog has been a little oenocentric lately… that’s right, I made up a word.

Oenophile– a lover or connoisseur of wines

I am an oenophile, and therefore, I think my blog has been a little oenocentric lately.

Anyways, the point is that I’m going to relegate my wine-talk to one post per week. (For those of you who may not be here to talk about wine.)

Matt and I are working on building our collection. We’re not talking about $1k plus bottles that you can only find at auction. We may get there some day… but for now, we’re working at acquiring a few hundred bottles that we intend to age for at least a few years before drinking. So, this new section of posts will consist of a list of our weekly wine purchases as well as the wines we consume that week, followed by a personal review.

Here are the wines that we purchased to save last week, as well as the Wine Spectator review of each bottle:

ARGYLE Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills Nuthouse 2008

Light and distinctive for its slightly candied currant and guava flavors, picking up an attractive lime blossom note as the finish lingers effortlessly. Drink now through 2018. 3,200 cases made.–HS

92 Points (WS)

PENFOLDS Cabernet Sauvignon South Australia Bin 407 2008

Editor’s Note: This elegant red has a beguiling purity to its currant, plum and cedar flavors, hinting at mint and bay leaf as the finish persists against finely polished tannins. Best from 2013 through 2020. 2,900 cases imported.–HS

90 Points (WS)

Also last week, we purchased the following wines to drink:

Cline –Zinfandel – 2009

My review: Juicy dark berry flavors with a smooth finish. Bold with some spice and a bit of oak.

Hogue -Cabernet Sauvignon – Columbia Valley  2007

My Review: (Not my favorite of the bunch, though I’m not the biggest Cabernet fan.) Light and tangy, smooth tannins which lacked complexity. Blackberry and cherry. Would go well with pasta.

McWilliams – Shiraz – South Easter Australia; Hanwood Estate – 2009

My Review: Plum and raspberry notes with a hint of mint. I enjoyed the complexity of this wine. Very refreshing.

Red Knot – Shiraz – South Australia – 2008

My Review: Firm with notes of light oak and hints of vanilla and spice. Very smooth finish big bodied.

It’s funny how they say your palate will change over time. While I used to be much more tolerant of Cabs, I’m now finding anything less than a Schrader or Screaming Eagle to be a dull waste of time. Surprisingly, I am now drawn more and more to Shiraz, and of course Pinot Noir.

Have you noticed any changes in your palate over the years?

Oh, and I also scored some more free glasses at the opening of Total Wine – Goodyear last week:

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